Scribbly Gum

For children between the ages of three and five, Scribbly Gum Dalai Pre-School in South Kempsey offers Early Education and Care to our Community.

The certified professional Educators at Scribbly Gum Dalai offer an educationally based programme to help children reach their best potential and abilities with a focus on the Dunghutti Language and Culture

Garruka (Kookaburra) Room

In the Garruka room we cater for children between the ages 3 year and 4 years of ages

Our program is based on the children’s interest as we encourage the growth of all areas of development through reading, music, arts and crafts and outdoor activities. We encourage children to do things for themselves to develop their ‘self help skills’.

We play and interact with the older children in the outdoor area, as well eating lunch together and throughout different times of the days – to keep promoting family ties.

The focus on the Dunghutti Culture is strong, embedded and nutured

NgaAmbul (Magpie) Room

The Ngaambul Room is for children 4 years and above and who are usually transitioning to Kindergarten in the following year

We provide opportunities for children to learn, investigate and explore their interests through play and the environment

We cherish the parent/child relationships and work together to provide opportunities to share experiences and optimise your child’s development

We provide cultural experiences so that our children can grow with pride Koori strong, especially in the Dunghutti Language and Culture

We appreciate each child’s unique personality and engage your child in the key learning areas of the curriculum.

We focus your child’s learning on Being, Belonging and Becoming – the National Early Years Learning Framework

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Scribbly Gum Contact Details

Phone: 02-6562 8002


32 Nicholson Street, South Kempsey, NSW, 2440