Dalaigur Pre-School

We provide Education and Care to children aged between 3 and 5 years of age to Kempsey and outlying areas of the Macleay Valley. We have a three-unit independent, indigenous-owned Pre-School. We have a proactive reconciliation strategy that allows non-Indigenous children to attend, even though preference is given to Indigenous children.

Our staff are highly trained and compassionate and we employ two Early Childhood Teachers with university degrees, and every member of our staff has a professional certificate attesting to their effort and commitment. We provide cutting-edge, culturally relevant early childhood education programmes for our children focusing on the local Dunghutti Culture and Language. We are seen as a Leader in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Education in our local area and beyond.

We have been effectively running for over 45 years, and we have been self-managed since 1991. We have a Board of Management that oversees the operations of our Pre-School and a Full-Time Director who manages the Service.

The kids are given access to an evolving curriculum of interests and activities that are both developmentally and culturally inclusive.

We are currently open - Monday to Wednesday 8.30 to 4.00pm through the NSW School Terms

Yarri (Koala) Room

The Yarri room is for our younger 3 year olds and focuses on developing confidence and self esteem as the children take their first steps away from home.

We provide a caring environment for children to develop their social skills

Children learn through a play based emergent curriculum that meets the child’s needs

We have a strong cultural emphasis as we believe children’s learning is maximised with cultural identity

The staff operate an open door policy and invite you and your child to visit our centre and see for yourself how the 3 year old program operates

WIlayi (POssum)Room

The Wilayi room is for the older 3 year olds and 4 year old children. Some children do transition from this room to Kindergarten in the following year.

The Educators provides an emergent curriculum program that is developmentally appropriate, fun and educational, based on the child’s interests and needs

There is a strong cultural learning for children to develop their social skills and confidence through self-identity to become Koori strong in learning

The Team Leader provides opportunities for children to explore, create, problem solve and challenge in which your child can develop to their full potential

Wambuyn (Kangaroo) Room

The Wambuyn room is for children 4 years and usually going to Kindergarten the following year

We provide opportunities for children to learn, investigate and explore their interests through play and the environment

We cherish the parent/child relationships and work together to provide opportunities to share experiences and optimise your child’s development

We provide cultural experiences so that our children can grow with pride Koori strong.

We appreciate each child’s unique personality and engage your child in the key learning areas of the curriculum.

We focus your child’s learning on Being, Belonging and Becoming – the National Early Years Learning Framework

dalaigur's educators & Staff

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